Wilmington, Delaware, is a beautiful place to live. Whether you already live here or are looking for a new place to call home, Wilmington has so much to offer its residents. We’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why you’ll love living in Wilmington, Delaware. Keep reading to find out why you’ll want to consider moving to the largest city in the state of Delaware.

1. The Riverfront

The Christina River flows right through downtown Wilmington. Strolling along the Riverfront will not only provide you with breathtaking views, but it will also offer numerous entertainment opportunities. All along the city’s Riverfront, you’ll find restaurants, movies, parks, museums, and more. Special events and trade shows often take place along the Riverfront as well, so you never know when you might happen upon something new and exciting to check out. If you love the nightlife, check out one of the local breweries, like Iron Hill Brewery, or cocktail bars. You can also catch a Wilmington Blue Rocks game at Frawley Stadium or watch a performance at the Delaware Theater Company.

2. Delicious Food

If you live in Wilmington, finding amazing restaurants will not be a problem you face. The city’s diversity allows you to find just about any cuisine you’re looking for, including American, Indian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Irish. If you love Italian food, be sure to head over to Little Italy. Here you’ll find delicious and authentic cuisine that is sure to satisfy your palate!

3. Proximity to the Beach

If you love the beach but don’t want to deal with the cost or risk of living right near the water, you’ll love calling Wilmington, Delaware home. There are plenty of beaches that are just a short drive away, making a fun day trip to the beach a possibility.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Here are a few nearby beaches you can visit:

  • Broadkill Beach, Delaware: 1.5 hours away
  • Lewes Beach, Delaware: 1.5 hours away
  • Slaughter Beach, Delaware: 1.5 hours away
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey: 1.75 hours away
  • Wildwood, New Jersey: 1.75 hours away
  • Dewey Beach, Delaware: 1.75 hours away
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware: 1.75 hours away
  • Fenwick Island, Delaware: 2 hours away
  • Bethany Beach, Delaware: 2 hours away
  • Seaside Heights, New Jersey: 2 hours away
  • Ocean City, Maryland: 2.5 hours away

4. Diversity

Compared to many other cities in Delaware and on the east coast, Wilmington is a city rich in diversity. Over half of the city’s population is African American, and there is also a large Hispanic population. Wilmington’s diversity makes it a very welcoming city where people from all cultures can live, work, and thrive together.

5. Historic Districts and Culture

If you love history and culture, you’re sure to love the feel of Wilmington. The city has 12 historic districts (including Forty Acres, Brandywine Village, and more) where you’ll be able to stroll around and view homes and buildings that look like they did long ago. Take a stroll through one of these neighborhoods, and you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time as you take in architecture that is over 100 years old. The Grand Opera House, which was built in 1871, is one place you’ll definitely want to visit.

The Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE (Photo by @thegrandwilmington | Facebook)

6. Museums

You can quickly fill up a day or more visiting the numerous museums in Wilmington. These also make a perfect sight-seeing trip when you have friends or family visiting from out of town. Here are just a few of the different museums you may want to check out when you move to Wilmington:

  • Delaware Art Museum
  • Amstel House Museum
  • Christian C. Sanderson Museum
  • Delaware Children’s Museum
  • Briggs Museum of American Art
  • Brandywine River Museum of Art
  • Delaware History Museum
  • Blue Ball Barn
  • Chadds Ford Historical Society
  • Delaware History Trail
  • Delaware Museum of Natural History
  • Nemours Estate

7. Ease of Access to Other Large Cities

When you live in Wilmington, you will find it easy to access other cities along the east coast. Hop on a train, and you can arrive in Philadelphia, New York Baltimore, or Washington, D.C. in no time. Wilmington is located right off of Interstate 95, so if you would prefer to drive to one of these cities or another east coast location, you’ll be able to do so with ease.

8. Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in Wilmington, Delaware, is much lower than what you’ll need to pay to live in some of the large cities nearby, such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Washington, D.C. Affordability means you can stretch your income to cover more of your expenses.

Wilmington, Delaware is a great place to call home. There are so many reasons to love this beautiful city! If you decide Wilmington is the place for you, be sure you have help with your move! Cheap Movers Philadelphia brings you free estimates from the top movers in Wilmington, DE, so you can compare and save!

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