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When moving, it pays to shop around for moving services. Not only do you want to find a mover with the right credentials (licensing & insurance are a must!), but you want to find one who offers the services you need at affordable rates.

Cheap Movers Philadelphia provides you with quotes from licensed and insured Philadelphia-area moving companies. Instead of calling around for rates, you can compare up to four movers in one place!


Customize Your Move

Though our skillset comes in handy no matter what or where your moving, we know that your move is unique.

With Cheap Movers Philadelphia, you can find movers who offer a whole slew of moving services from which to choose. Choose from packing, appliance moves, storage rentals, transport-only, and more from our network of moving partners. We help you design a moving experience that suits you!


Tips & Tools for the Move Ahead

Read through our helpful blog and how-tos to better prepare your household for the relocation.

We keep our blog up-to-date with moving tips and advice. From blogs on the best Philadelphia neighborhoods to tips for organizing your kitchen post-move, we gather the need-to-know information for an easier move!


Quality is a Must

At Cheap Movers Philadelphia, we strive to bring you quality moving services for less.

We check to make sure movers are licensed and insured before they can provide you with a quote. This keeps you from the pains of dealing with an illegal and shady moving company. You can trust our network of local and long distance movers have the credentials and know-how to make your move excellent. We believe there are no short cuts on quality service.


Save Time & Money

Employing a professional to assist with your move is much more efficient than trying to do everything on your own. While it might seem expensive, it’s probably much cheaper than you’d expect! Plus, think of how much time it saves.

To get started with your move, request free quotes now using the convenient, online form. You’ll receive moving estimates and rates from local movers who have the capacity to service your move. Call or click now to get started!

Complete List of Things to Do Before Moving

Moving can be a real ordeal, even under the best circumstances. Having a checklist and using a few helpful tips to organize your upcoming move can go a long way towards ensuring an easier, more successful, and stress-free experience. From collecting and organizing important paper records and documentation ahead of time to making one final check to ensure nothing gets left behind on the day of the move, the following list highlights several ways to prepare for you next move.


Sort and Organize Possessions

Sorting belongings and getting rid of any unwanted items is something that should be done as early as possible. When it comes to organization, the following items should not go overlooked:


  • Records and documentation 
  • Information on moving costs, estimates and receipts 
  • Current and future utility account information

Leaving organizational concerns until the last minute can lead to no end of problems and complications, so getting an early start on the process often makes a world of difference.


Rent a Truck or Select a Moving Service

After determining how much assistance you require, it’s time to seek out any services and resources needed. Moving rates and service fees can vary dramatically from one service provider to the next if you plan to hire a moving company. Plan to get quotes from at least 3-4 moving companies before choosing one. Additionally, the availability and price of moving truck rentals varies with demand. You can avoid roadblocks like spending too much on movers or being unable to find a rental vehicle by booking well in advance.


Pack and Prepare

Packing up an entire household is a time and laborintensive process. Here are some helpful tips to remember:


  • Measure all bulky items, furnishings and entryways 
  • Create and maintain a master packing list or itinerary 
  • Purchase and order plenty of packing supplies

If disorganization starts creeping into the process remember to set aside plenty of time to ensure that nothing goes overlooked. When moving larger households, spread the packing out across several days or rent a temporary storage unit, so you can tackle the move in smaller steps.


Make Final Preparations

Even a seemingly minor oversight during your move could spell big trouble. From confirming moving dates and addresses with utility account providers to ensuring cleaning or security deposits will be fully refunded when moving out of a rental property, there are plenty of situations that may warrant special attention. Maintaining a checklist detailing every step in the process can be of major benefit and helps to make it much easier to double or even triple check any issues that might otherwise escape your notice. Effective preparation is crucial for ensuring a successful move and even seemingly minor final steps and last-minute checks could prove to be of paramount importance.

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Our Fast Guide to Packing for a Move

Packing for a move has come a long way since the days of giant cardboard boxes, stacks of newspaper, and oversized moving trucks. Now, portable on-demand storage units can be delivered right to your door, and even hiring movers is more economical than ever. While it’s always fantastic if you have plenty of time to plan and prepare for a move, sometimes you need to move at the last minute. If this happens to you, here are some tips to help you stay organized while packing quickly for a smooth and efficient move.


1. Use reusable shopping bags

Rather than buying loads of boxes that you are just going to throw away when you get there, you can pack lots into reusable shopping bags. Not only are they more convenient to carry than boxes, but you also don’t have to dispose of them once you get to your destination. In addition, most people already have them lying around their house. You can also pack soft things in reusable shopping bags then wedge these between boxes to keep boxes from moving and shifting. This trick keeps your load more stable and your valuables safer.


2. Use linens and clothing for padding and packing materials

Since you are going to have to move all your clothing and linens anyway, why not put them to good use as packing materials? Then, instead of throwing away masses of packing materials when you arrive at your new home, you can simply launder them and keep using them.


3. Pack the items you will need first in clear bins

There are certain things you are going to need almost immediately when you get to your new home. Pack these things in clear tubs. Not only will this help you find exactly what you are looking for more easily, but the clear tubs will stand out from the rest of your belongings and allow them to all be put in one easy-to-access location. Then, you will know exactly what to unpack first and where to find it.


4. Inventory your boxes

While it may take more time upfront to inventory each box as opposed to simply labeling which room it belongs in, it will save you lots of time in the long run. Unpacking takes as long as packing – if not longer. When you know exactly what is in each box, you can determine which boxes need to be unpacked first and which can be stored in a garage or other storage area until you can get to them.


5. Color code your boxes and bags with colored tape for each room

While labeling boxes with a marker is great, colored tape works even better. Many boxes will already have printing or lettering, making markings hard to read. You can plaster colored tape right over labels, making it easy to spot from a distance. This step allows boxes to be pre-sorted into just the right room quickly and easily once you arrive in your new home – especially if you are hiring movers.