Are you planning on moving to a new home? If your new property is in the same neighborhood, the move is easy to arrange and execute. However, if you moving to another city or even clear across the country, the logistics quickly become daunting. For a state-to-state move, it’s essential to enlist the help of a professional long distance moving expert to smooth the transition.

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An out-of-state move always has hurdles. If you’re moving all your furniture, computer equipment, and other possessions from one end of the country to another, then you must ensure each item is packed, labeled, and accounted for properlyIn addition to making sure your things make it to the new location safely and in one piece, you have a lot of other to-dos on your mind: finding new housing, scoping out safe neighborhoods, transferring school records, and more. Do you feel like you’re too swamped to do it all?

Hiring a professional mover makes moving cross country a different experiencePro movers will pack your precious possessions in a professional manner, then transport them to your new home without denting or breaking anything. Trust the expertise of veteran movers to make sure that your household goods make it to your new home as soon as possible.

Licensed Moving Companies

You cannot underestimate the importance of hiring a licensed and insured moving professionals. Moving scams are a dime a dozen, and the last thing you need is a rogue mover ruining your move. Cheap Movers Philly works exclusively with licensed and insured movers local to Philadelphia to provide you with the highest quality moving experience.

Moving Insurance

Did you know movers must offer full value protection coverage for all out-of-state moves? With this type of moving insurance, if anything is broken or lost, it’s covered under the policy. Insurance coverage gives you peace of mind throughout your move!

In-Home Estimates

Getting an in-home estimate is an important step in the interstate moving process. Before signing any paperworkthe moving company sends a friendly service professional to your home to determine what needs to be moved, when it needs to be moved, and how it will be moved. Based on this in-person walk through, they give you a more accurate estimate of moving costs.

Your in-home estimate gives you the detailed break-down of moving expenses, so you can make an informed decision about hiring movers. This way, you don’t need to worry about any hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises. All the details of the move are laid out for you in plain sight before you agree to the deal!

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