Cheap Movers Philly helps you find cheap rates on in-town and cross country moving companies! Moving is one of the most stressful activities for a homeowner or tenant who is pressed for time or ill-prepared. It can also be a straightforward task that is accomplished with minimal inconvenience. The difference between traumatic and painless is usually a matter of which company you select to move your possessions. Hiring a professional, full-service moving company, can make all the difference.

Consider how much time a well-organized moving company saves, especially when you’re up against a deadline. That time saved will translate into lower costs. As important as reducing expenses is the peace of mind you get by selecting a moving company with a solid reputation. We screen movers to make sure they are licensed and insured before helping you move!

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Best Movers in Philly

No matter where you call home, it’s our goal to help you find the best residential movers in Philadelphia!

Apartment and Condominium Moves

Seasoned moving companies know that apartment and condo move outs sometimes include unique requirements that need to be addressed before the move date. Many apartment complexes require a moving company to have an insurance certificate available or registered with their office before the move takes place. If you are moving to or from a building which requires the use of a freight elevator, you or the moving company may need to reserve use of the elevator. These and other possible requirements need to be addressed when planning your move, but they’re no problem when you hire a licensed mover through Cheap Movers Philadelphia!

House Moves

Household moving typically involves several rooms and a much greater need for organization than an apartment move does. An experienced local mover goes through each room with you and identifies any areas of concern. For example, are there unique or large items that will require extra personnel or equipment (i.e., appliances or pianos)? Planning with an experienced moving partner is paramount to a safe and successful house move.

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Philadelphia Home Moving Services

Ideally, you want to work with one company and reduce the amount of coordination required to move. Does the moving company show up in a truck having expected you to have already packed? Or, do they offer a complete solution that minimizes the need for you to spend unnecessary time on tasks that you would rather not do. Here are some of the moving services you can find through our network of movers:

  • Packing & Unpacking: With this service, the moving crews comes to your house before the move date and safely packs all your belongings. You can also request help unboxing your things post-move. 
  • Short Distance Moves: Get same day service from a local moving company for in-town and across town moves. 
  • Long Distance Moves: If you’re moving your household across the country, it helps to hire a professional transportation service.  
  • Storage: Locate inexpensive storage for your belongings, so you don’t have to stress about where to put your things between homes. Moving is also an excellent time to put non-essentials in storage, like that extra set of dishes, family heirlooms, and Christmas decorations.

Your moving company should also offer various pricing structures, so that you may select the one that is most economical for you. These options may include an all-inclusive fullservice price, an hourly rate for local moves, and flat rates for long distance moves.

Regardless of how much you are moving or where you are moving to, an experienced moving company that offers services tailored to your specific needs is always your best option. Proper planning and effective communication, in advance and during the move, will save time and reduce stress. To plan your move, call Cheap Movers Philadelphia now!

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