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11 Easy Ways to Pack for Moving Cross-Country

Moving is often a stressful, yet exciting event. People move because of another job opportunity elsewhere, or because they want to live a new life far away from their home base. No matter the reason for moving, preparing for the journey ahead is imperative for a seamless relocation. Here are some tips on how you can pack and prepare for the move:

1. Pack things early.

Packing will take several days, so it’s always wise to get a jump start and pack days or weeks early from your moving date. It’s best to start packing with packing ceramics, books, sentimental items, seasonal decorations and clothing, and those things which you do not use frequently.

2. Lay out your packing strategy.

After you packed your things, make sure that you label them, so you know where things are when looking for them or you go to unpack. Things that you need to use on the first day or in the first week can be placed in a separate container, like a suitcase or a big bag.

3. Designate a packing area.

As you pack for your move, choose a specific area inside your house to be used as a packing station. That way, everything will be organized and stay in one place. Maintaining order in the rest of your home will help things to feel less chaotic during this time of upheaval.

4. Choose recycled boxes.

You don’t have to pay for a new set of moving boxes. Getting free boxes is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars on your move. Go to a local grocery or liquor store and ask if you can take their used boxes from deliveries. Wine and liquor boxes are especially useful, because these use heavy-duty, sturdy construction that will stand up to the weight of books and other hefty household goods.

5. Place heavy items in small boxes, while lighter items in big boxes.

To prevent back injuries and to keep boxes from breaking, professional movers recommend packing heavy items like dishes, glassware, and your book collection in smaller, more manageable boxes. Lighter items, like linens, pillows, and down comforters work well in large and XL boxes.

6. Fill everything before moving.

If you have an empty chest, wardrobe, or bag, make sure that you fill it with items while packing. This trick helps conserve much needed space on the moving truck.

7. Use trash bags if needed.

Trash bags are excellent for moving, especially if you’re contemplating an in-town move.  Fill them with unbreakable items and shape them to fit any spaces left in boxes or your moving truck.

8. Keep your hanging clothes on their hangers.

Cover hanging clothes with a trash bag to easily transport them in the back of your car or lay the bags on top of everything once you have packed the truck.

9. Use towels and blankets as a base for boxes.

Lay these linens in the bottom of the box to provide more cushion. Roll and use them to add padding around your fragile items.

10. Label both sides of the boxes.

Put labels on either side of the boxes to make it easier to read what is in them. This step also helps when loading the truck, so you can ensure the heavier boxes are on the bottom, while fragile boxes get loaded on top. You can prevent items from breaking by taking care to load the truck correctly.

11. Make sure that everything is well prepared and ready before moving.

It should be noted that the more care you take in packing and preparing for your move, the more secure your belongings will be and the easier the process will go.

Taking the time to pack the right way helps prevent damage to your belongings and keeps moving chaos to a minimum. For assistance with packing and other moving needs, contact the best name in Philadelphia movers. We’ll help you find a professional moving company without having to spend a fortune.

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