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Your Guide to Setting Up City of Philadelphia Utility Services

Recently moved to Philadelphia or still planning your transition? Welcome to the city of Brotherly Love! From the Liberty Bell to the Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia is bustling with culture and opportunity. Here is all the information you will need to set up your utility services and get established in your new home.

Gas – Philadelphia Gas Works

Since 1836, Philadelphia Gas Works has been serving the area with reliable gas service. The company allows for online set up of new service, but if you prefer to set up service over the phone, you can contact PGW at 215-235-1000.

Electric – PECO

PECO is the largest supplier of electricity in Pennsylvania and services the Philadelphia area. New customers can set up their services on PECO’s website and you can reach customer service Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 1-800-494-4000 if you need any further assistance.

Water – Philadelphia Water Department

Philadelphia water, wastewater, and storm water services are provided by the city government’s Philadelphia Water Department. The requirements for transferring service to your name depend on your housing type.

  • Homeowners, you will automatically receive water bills in your name if the deed for your home has been recorded. If your deed has not been recorded, you will need to visit a Water Revenue Bureau payment center. If you need to install a meter on your property you can call 215-685-6300 to set up installation.
  • Tenants or occupants will need to visit a Water Revenue Bureau payment center with the necessary documentation to change service into their name.

Once service has been established in your name, you can pay your bill online, by mail, by phone, or at one of the city’s three authorized payment centers.

Garbage – Philadelphia Streets

Garbage and recycling collection is provided weekly through Philadelphia Streets, free of charge. You are responsible for providing your own trash can but recycling bins are provided by the city, although you may also use your own container as long as it is marked “recycling”. The collection schedule for your area can be found online. You can also participate in a recycling rewards program, Philacycle by signing up here or contacting customer care at 1-888-727-2978. Philadelphia Streets fulfills a variety of other services including block party permits, dead animal removal, and street cleaning, many of which can be requested on their website or by contacting a customer service agent at 215-686-5560.


Philadelphia has several options for internet and cable service. A few of the larger providers include

  • XFINITY. If you already had XFINITY service before moving, you can transfer service to your new address online.
  • Century Link. Like XFINITY, Century Link offers an online tool to move existing service.
  • RCN. Servicing Philadelphia and other parts of the Northeast, RCN provides a range of options starting at $19.99/month which can be browsed on their website.
  • Fios. Verizon’s fiber-optic network, Fios, is available in Philadelphia and both moving services and new service requests can be found online.

These providers offer internet/cable bundles at competitive pricing along with various plans to fit your needs.

We hope this guide helps you get gas, water, electricity, and other essentials up and running in your new home. If you’re still on the hunt for moving companies Philadelphia PA, find inexpensive movers through Cheap Movers Philadelphia. We help you find licensed local movers to make your transition pain-free.

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