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Steps to Protect Your Furniture During a Long Distance Move

Moving to a new town or city poses many challenges. As a homeowner you are likely worried about the new environment, taking care of legal matters, and closing ties at the old residence. Add into the mix concern over their belongings getting damaged en route to the new residence, and this can be a very stressful time indeed.

Luckily, careful planning helps alleviate the worry about furniture getting damaged on an interstate move. The following steps should protect the furniture during long distance transport: 

1. Measure Your Belongings in Advance

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make before the move is renting the biggest moving truck they can find. Others try to cut moving costs by renting a smaller model. Either the truck is too big, and your belongings bounce around, or the truck is packed incorrectly, and there is not enough room for everything. Before you rent a truck, estimate the dimensions of all the belongings in every room so you choose the perfect size rental truck for the move.

2. Disassemble Large Furniture

Taking apart larger furniture keeps it from getting damaged and allow items to fit more easily in the moving truck. Remove the legs from all the tables, slide the top sideways between the mattresses so it takes up minimal space. Remove shelves from cabinets and book cases. You can also stack these on their sides to free up valuable space in the moving truck.

3. Load the Truck Like a Puzzle

When you make use of every inch at the front of the moving truck, you will have plenty of room in the back. To protect larger pieces at the front, begin to puzzle in smaller pieces, nesting them in any openings. Not only will packing small fragile items in the openings of the couch, dresser, or desks keep them from moving and bouncing around during the move, it creates a little nest to keep the smaller items secure too.

4. Use Plenty of Blankets

Blankets help protect just about every piece of furniture you have. As most local moving companies will attest, you can never have enough blankets. Wrap blankets around mirrors for added cushioning and around the corners of the dresser, desk, or table, to prevent scratches and chips. You can also use blankets to stuff any open voids and keep everything from jostling while in transit to the new residence.

5. Label All Fragile Boxes

Although things are hectic now, labeling fragile boxes will go a long way in protecting items before and after the move. That fragile designation on those boxes provides for safer handling and keeps them from being tossed into the truck or on the ground. For small fragile items, pack them in your personal vehicle rather than on the moving truck.

Careful planning is the key to protecting your furniture and alleviating all that stress about your long-distance move. Using this list means this is one less thing you must fret over as that big day fast approaches. For moving assistance in the Philly area, be sure to contact Cheap Movers. We’ll help you find moving services at cheaper rates!

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